Monday, January 18, 2010


Hey honeys! Wats up?? Miss me? =P

Anyway, I'm gonna blog about yesterday and today.


Highlight of the day was lunch in PADANG.
yes yes. I wonder why is it called 'field'? Imagine telling someone, hey, wanna go to the field for lunch? hahaha. pretty weird eh?

Well who cares about the name anyway nana? =.=

Anyway, here is :



Yong Tau Foo!!

Fried ooo chien!!

Aunty Betty!

La cece!



Today, woke up at 2pm. uhhuh. =S
I was eating my lunch with my cousy when I got a call from the crew to hang.
So bathe bathe, and out we go.


Cle acting cool. LOL.


We went to HARVY norman or something to develop some stuff.
guess who's chuck? LOL.

We went to borders afterwards. Spent a long long time there.

Read nonsense, courtesy of clement long;
What do men do after sex. =.=
How much men know about women. lol.

Check the above out. hahaha. ^

Anyway, I, the INNOCENT one,
went to grab LILIAN TOO'S feng shui for sheep (me) book for 2010.

I'm a metal sheep by the way, =D

And I found out that I'm superbly compatible with horses. (not literally duh) ahahaha.
I mean those who are horses as their horoscope.

(those 20 this year and so on)

So male horses!!! look out for me! =P sheeps sheeps. just kidding.
Just go with the flow..
But there's no harm finding out some stuff right? =)

Even for secret friends (compatible friends), horses and sheeps are great combinations.
Crewww! (most are horses right) -good friends good friends.

Check this out. The three of us form this trinity of summer thingy (wtv that means)
-Which is something very ho liau according to the book.
So we should totally open a hospital or something together to earn money. =)

.... uhhuh. and we're VERY GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE. hahahahaha.
(I didn't say anything. The book said it.) lol.

Thats all for yesterday and today.
Great day once again. =)

Learnt some feng shui stuff.
Apparently this year i'll achieve great success but other stuff like luck and health isn't really on the bright side.

Nothing's perfect.
-Not even feng shui.

Can't wait for tomorrow!!! wooo.
Will update tomorrow night if I'm not back too late. ;P


By the way, Alv left early coz of CALCULUS. =( -how sad. And I made a new friend today.
(jan's sis) - Don't you just love friendly people? =D

Watched the golden globes too. awesome. HOUSE didn't win though. hmm.

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