Monday, January 4, 2010

Can't you stop your foolish pride? okay. that was random. I really don't know what title I should put! =P


How you doing??????? Well I'm doing goodie good! Feeling happy as i'll ever be. I have no idea why but yeahh.. feeling kinda gleeful
now. mrgreen

ANYWAY, what did I do today?


hanged out with the CREW and the dearrrrr mumsie! (chupsie poops) wink
KELSIE the BELSIE & alvie the chippie. LOL. cool

presenting the lovebirdss. MUAHHH. (the dp and the bff) - PERFECTO. wink

WE went to new world park to have our lunch.

You see Mr. C here, he sweats EVERY TIME HE EATS. ( spicy/non spicy food) weird huh? it's like
chemical energy
arrow heat energy. (actually it's true okay) but I mean its LITERALLY true for Mr.C's case.
The curious case of Clement Long.


Alvie the chippie with his BRAND NEW FOSSIL WATCH.

Oh yeah! I enjoyed fish spa-ing with mumsie for FREE. thanks to her gau kong ua-ness.

Tyl went for her bloodtest today.


Fruit Junction.

Nuts about you.

Ice cream on the ice cream phone. ironic.
And Chuinsie and Jasmine joined us for abit. good to see you buddy.
Chuinsie, FOURSKIN. thanks to who thanks to who? HAHAHA! just kidding!

need I say more?

Went to bee hui for dinner. The char koay teow, damn nice wei! woo!
I don't know what i ordered until the loh bak costed 10 bucks weiii. The aunty was like

loh bak ai oh?
Nana: aiii.
Hu wan ai oh?
Nana: aiii.
Hair ken ai oh?

Everything also aiii. =S
Then my aunt was like you order what until 10 bucks? then i said I dunno! everything aso i said aiiii. so ya laaa. lol.
The tired me after the whole day out.

Till next time. So long farewell!

To tyl, good luck finding ur house tomorrow! muah!

and yeah. TOMORROW...

I'll be temple-ing. Several temples i'll be visiting as I promised I would after my SPM. so yeah. I'll be going to :{kuan yin teng(kong chu kong); Buddist temple opposite sleeping Buddha (Arahant Upagutta); Mahinderama ( dunno how to spell) LOL.} yep! thats about it! I'll be holy me tomorrow. -Not that I'm not holy ALL THE TIME. -just saying. hehe.

And I'll be stopping at adventist too. you know.. for my ehemmm karma enrichment project. AHAHAHAHA. muah!


random thought of the day: I'll be over you in no time! Few more days I reckon. YEAHHH!

I'll leave you with 'Start of something new' by me with zachary. lol. here you go.

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