Tuesday, January 26, 2010

KL-day 4

Hey everyone.
I've got this post in my draft for a few days now.
I come home at a late hour and by the time i get in front of the comp, i'll be too lazy to update. (coz of the slow photo upload)

So day 4,
I went to times square and sungei wang. with la cece and ni cece. my lovely cousins. We went in the morning, coz ni cece works around that area so we went for brunch with her.

We settled for western food in a restarant/pub at night called outback.

(they are identical twins by the way) =)

The salad was damn huge.


La cece's.

Ni cece's. So cute right? heart shaped.
You should order that for your lover on a date. hehe.

At night, we went to Brussels for dinner.

Cle, this pic is for you. =D

ni cece and mahen koko.

So cute right my lil cous? potential model. and she's only 4!! =)

and here comes the cutie poops. muah!

-the end of day 4-

handsome much??
dream nana dream. hahaha. =P

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