Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hey everyone. =)
It's 1.37 am and I just reached home about an hour ago.
Had a good day today as usual.

-Woke up late.
-Watched 'the biggest loser'.
-Then Dinner at:

The place was pretty cool.
Price was kinda reasonable.
Food.. erm rating would be 5/10.
Seoul Garden in sunrise is much better. =D

KBS. Alvin's channel. =)

I love using the steel cutlery. It makes the food much more delicious. =P

I was looking for bibimbap ( the crew's fav ) but it was no where to be seen! maybe I was blind for a sec. Or probably it's some other name on the menu.

Here comes the korean food:

Kim chi!

Steamed egg!

Assorted mini dishes!

Potato noodle!

Rice cake or something.




Enjoying the food. =)

Here's the dessert thingy. It's some rice and ginger kinda translucent drink.
The first sip got me blinking my eyes and thinking whether it's nice or not.
The second sip confirmed that it's not bad. hahaha.
-My brain's kinda slow sometimes. =D

tiki tiki.
I used to think tikis were scary. hmm.
and wait a minute, why do they have tikis outside a korean restaurant?
- weird.

Cindy cece, thanks for the dinner! muahh.

After that, COFFEE TIME.

So we went to coffee bean, gurney.

muffin anyone? =)

Later... after his 'spa', ALIFFF JOINED US.
Yep. You got it. Alif the doctor.
Didn't fail to crack me up once again.

We were talking about the Chung Ling incident when I asked him has he ever encountered bloated bodies before.

And he said of course. Many times.
He said the worst part was the
smell and crabs/fishes/ etc. etc. found inside the bodies
when he cuts them.
grosss. =S

We shared ghost stories too.
In the hospitals and stuff.

Funny doc.

Thats all for today!


I'll see you tomorrow!

...and I was reading some news on the net just now and I came across this blog :

Read it. It's a clearer picture of what happened during the loss of the
chung ling boys and teacher.

Written by someone on the scene.



Is it fate?
Whatever it is, I feel so so sorry for their parents.

Truly do.

Life's unfair.

Once again.


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