Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Haven't been taking any videos for the longest time! So here's 3 songs I recorded this afternoon. =)

1. Circus (Britney Spears)
2. Naturally (Selena Gomez)
3.That Should be Me (Justin Bieber)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hey everyone!
Just got back from petronas eduquest camp 2010 in university tinggi petronas (UTP) in Tronoh, Perak.

I found blogs written by past participants regarding this camp very helpful, so I'm gonna blog about this to hopefully give some tips/useful information to those chosen for this awesome experience in the not too distant future.

I got a call from petronas while I was still asleep and they told me that I was shortlisted for their interview. Ecstatic as I was, I jumped out of bed and told everyone in the house. lol. I definitely didn't expect a call from them because ppl say that it's pretty impossible to be shortlisted for their sponsorship.

Anyway, they said that I could check their website for more details at 8pm that friday night. And guess what, the camp was on SUNDAY MORNING and I gotta be there at 8! and it's not in KL( I was there at that time ) but it was gonna be held in PERAK. And there were so many things to do.

You got to verify documents like ur ic, parents ic, birthcert, kk certs, spm cert, invitation letter, online application form and other stuff.
And I wasn't in my hometown so i couldnt get my principal to verify my docs. Only option left was the commissioner of oath.
Guess how much it costed me to verify all of my docs??? RM 140 OKAY?? =S 1 paper= RM 2.50

Future candidates, don't be so dumb like me. If they inform you as last minute as they informed us, (first badge to be interviewed), you can actually go there to verify ur docs for FREE, but you have to bring your ori docs too.

I thought of giving the interview up when I read the information online but something in me wanted me to go. Just take it as an experience that I'll never get again in the future.

So somehow I managed my transportation and documents. Packed my stuff. and boom! pushed off on sunday early morning.

I registered and was given the room key. (two people to a room) and headed for my prison-like room. (disgusting is all I can say) - but I can't complain. Heard that the guys got worse rooms. lol.

After that, we headed to the Chancellor hall. SUPERB. So damn huge and RESPLENDENT! Majestic as it is, this hall was given a few awards. you'll feel so small walking by it.

Anyway, speeches were given about how awesome petronas is and bla bla.
However, let me tell you guys something, if you aren't selected for the sponsorship, you have to totally still be proud of yourselves. Out of 11000 applicants, only 1400 were shortlisted. Amazing right? So just getting shortlisted is a blessing. ;)
I also read in forums that ppl getting 12 A+ weren't even shortlisted. So, be proud coz they said that holistic students only will get this opportunity.

And by the way, don't be mistakened. This isn't a scholarship you're applying for. It's a CONVERTIBLE LOAN. Just like the MARA scholarship most bumis apply for. Meaning that you have to excel with flying colours and later bond with petronas to make it a full scholarship. =)
And I checked, that graduates working for petronas get a starting pay of RM 3500 for technical jobs like engineering and geoscience. The non-technical jobs like finance, accounting and stuff would probably be slightly lower. 3500 is a good starting pay considering a doctor's starting pay is LOWER AND you get treated like shit.

To be continued, after that was documents submission. So, ensure that you have ALL required documents, INCLUDING your CIMB BANK SLIP. I didn't have it coz mine was in my hometown, so I had to write a letter and state my bank slip number. You can refer to the person in charge if you're facing any problems like incomplete documentation.

Reminder to those who parents have been divorced and you don't have documents on either parents, remember to bring 2 copies of their divorce letter.

After that, we went back to our dorms and at night was the SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS (FORM 5) TEST.

REMEMBER TO REVISE before going.
(log, tension, matrix, force, ionic compounds and etc etc)

The next day, the whole purpose of the camp actually began. ( INTERVIEW AND EPT & CRT TEST)

You'll get your number before the interview.
It will be something like B-05-04

B would be group B, 05 would be panel 5 and 04 would be participant no.4.

The petronas interview is one of the interviews you will always remember. It's nothing compared to the jpa interview. It's an interview where you can really shine and express yourself. So just take the opportunity and don't be shy.

You'll be given a case study ( A REALLY LONG ONE ) so read carefully. And different participants will have different recommendations regarding your case study. there will be four/five to a group. So make sure you guys interact first before going into the room together so it wouldn't be so awkward.

You will be given 10 minutes to go in and impress the judges individually. You'll have to introduce yourself, tell them about your curricular activities and later analyse the case study from every angle of the problem. And later 20 minutes for the group discussion whereby you and your group members will enter the room together and discuss about the case in front of the judges and come up with the conclusion together by agreeing on a recommendation.

I suggest that you guys combine everyone's suggestion and come up with a conclusion. What the judges want to see in this part of the interview is how you work together with your peers, leadership qualities and your ability to speak.

The most important part of this whole camp is the interview. So try your best to nail it.
And about the judges. Two people to a panel. Mine was two women. One malay and another chinese. The chinese judge is a phd holder in mechanical engineering. They are all friendly so don't worry. ;)

After that was lunch and our ept ( english proficiency test ) and later on crt ( critical thinking test ). Ept is easy so don't worry. It's something like your english paper in spm. All objective so no worries.

The part I had some trouble with was the CRT test. It's divided into 2 papers. One is Verbal and the other one is ermm.. forget d. HAHA.

The verbal one is quite easy. but you gotta read fast and answer fast if not you won't have time to finish it. Read, understand and answer. Those who took est in their spm would have an added advantage. Coz the statements are something like that. You just got to choose whether the statement is true, false or cannot identify the answer. It sounds easy but its not that easy. haha.

Ok the part which I forgot, its like an iq test. whereby you have a sequence of pictures and you gotta choose the last possible outcome. If you see it means you see it, if you dont den just skip.
Coz its 40 SUPER DIFFICULT questions in 20 freaking minutes!! -well maybe my iq is low thats why its pretty difficult to me. LOL. I only managed to answer 20 questions. So when the time was up, I shaded 'c' for the remaining 20. =S

Basically that was it. After that, headed to the dorm. took our luggage and checked out.
Headed home after that.

Those who live in other states without transportation back, the utp bus will drop you to the nearest bus station and you can purchase your bus ticket there. However, if there are no more tickets or its already too late, the utp bus will wait for you and fetch you back to utp and you can stay there another night and purchase your ticket in the morning and return to your hometown then. =) You can contact them if you're facing any problems.


Interview and check it.
FORMAL. guys: shirt tie and slacks. girls: baju kurung/collar shirt and slacks/LONG skirt.
Night activities (smart casual) - meaning, guys don't have to wear ties. just shirt and slacks. Girls, baju kurung/collar shirt and slacks/LONG skirt.

Thats about it. If there are any questions, you can leave them on the chatbox and i'll reply to you asap.


p.s.: One thing I didn't like about the camp was that they act as though guys and girls are of different species. haha. Its like guys are on one side. Girls are on the next. In EVERYTHING. except the interview.
Coz the number of guys were twice more than the girls. So in my group it was 3 guys and me. (one girl).
Like come on! It's a camp! you gotta mingle. ;S oh well, different ppl, different views. =D

Thats the library! damn freaking amazing.

See! Guys on one side. and girls on the other.

Submission of documents.

Main hall where the tests took place. It felt like I was taking SPM all over again. This time, with geniuses all around me. Felt like I was the dumbest there.

I was DAMN hot. So I changed into shorts IMMEDIATELY after i went into the room. ( you are not suppose to actually) no shorts allowed. My roommate didnt mind so wth. ;P

eww right? I KNOW!

Thank god I brought my sleeping bag! =) oh yeah! DON'T FORGET TO BRING SLIPPERS!!!
(I didnt think of bringing them so, imagine how much of a hassle I was in especially when I wanted to bathe in the PUBLIC toilet) goodnesss.



-The END-
All in all, it was a great experience. One you'll never have ever again. So enjoy it. ;)

When I was back, the next day, WENT TO TIMES SQUARE. woo! japanese fooddddd with my awesome cousins! I don't think I can survive for a week in UTP honestly. It felt so good to be out and about. Most importantly being HOME.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Hey guys, Haven't been updating lately. Anyway, when I was back in png, went out with vers and chups and cons! had a great time eating lunch at AMELIA.

We were wearing the same shirt btw. Only diff colour. and it was not planned. ;)

RISOTTO. HAHA. the funny part was choo lyn thought a risotto is actually potato strips. LOL.

Carbo. Sucks. egg pieces can be seen all over. don't like it.

After that, dropped by at gg headquarters as cpt was having their annual guides and rangers camp. I must say that I was a lil surprised by their work. Better than I expected. ;)

Dad came to kl. So I went to stay in a hotel and the rooftop of the hotel is actually a bar called LUNA. damn nice. It's a cool place to chill with upbeat music. ;) and that white enclosure is actually where the dj does his stuff. I think that's pretty cool.

Awesome drink.

One of the days after that, went to klcc to celebrate kak Hani's birthday. ( a friend of my cousins ). Had a great time laughing at chilis.

-The end-