Monday, July 26, 2010

Stranger secondhand serenade cover.

hey you.
Here's a little small part of the song 'stranger' by secondhand serenade.
Just took this vid for fun when I was in my room in the jungle college. XD
~Secondhand Serenade~

Saturday, July 10, 2010

after so long..

Hey guys after so long! =)
How're you doing people-who-read-my blog?
I hope you're good!
As for me, I'm already in college. yeah. sucks i know. It's called KTT (Kolej Teknologi Timur) somewhere in the jungle in sepang. I think Tarzan'z crib is much nicer than KTT. Anyway, can't complain. This is what you get if you don't empty your bank/pocket.
teehee. =D

Recently, 9/7/10, 2nd week back, went out to meet choo and chris. =)

Singing rocks don't you think? XD

Here's a video of me singing a small part of ' How to Touch a Girl ' by JOJO in redbox. =)
Listen to it if you're too bored.

Mumsie and I.

2nd day:

Chicken soupie. =)

The bff that I miss so much.

Mumsie and bff.

Oh yeah, by the way I went back to Penang before I went to college. =)

Connie and I went to CRC to makan and some of the drinks were named after footballers. So since i think that christiano is hot, I ordered him of coz. ORDERED HIM. hahahaha. cons ordered kaka. XD

Haih.. SOoooooo delicious!

Darling vers.

About my ktt life so far.. Hmm what can I say. Orientation week was okay. Ntg to jump about. But my group was pretty cool. Our facilitators were cool. I'm cool. SO YEAH. the group of coz was cool too. HAHAHAHA. =P

Our faci.

We had to do a bollywood dance. So yeah.. =)

Lyd followed me back to my relative's place in KL during the first weekend out of ktt. =)
Had a great time out of the jungle and back to civilisation.

Group 7.
I'm on the far left by the way.

So.............. I guess this is it. The summary of the past few weeks after I got the news of the scholarship.

Life's okay so far. Will update more when interesting stuff happens.

which I doubt coz what could possibly happen in the jungle right?


Tarzan comes along.


Till then, toodles!