Monday, September 27, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud.

Guess who I went out with yesterday? 
I mean day before yesterday.


aka my best friend.
aka the hot one.
aka the pretty one.
aka the SMART one.

We were suppose to go to Lagoon but they didn't have only the dry park tic, and we didnt being a change of clothes, so it wasn't worth it if we purchase the all park tic.

So probably this weekend with our dear Choo and Ming Han if Miss Tan Yi Lin's results aren't bad
So we went to pyramid instead.

Shop Shop Shop

I bought a purse
Just so you guys know..
I don't own a purse.
I mean i did not.
YUP. Used to CLIP my money with a paper clip.

So, Vers, Cons and Yi Lin kept on telling me to get one and finally I did!

It's pretty annoying carrying such a huge thingy in your bag.

But I have to admit that it gets pretty embarrassing sometimes when the person beside or behind me looks at how pathetic I am when I pay. LOL.

*pink face*

We watched Charlie St. Cloud too.
The girl's ugly!!! 
haihh. sad sad.
They should have chosen someone else!
Movie was okay.
Clement said it's SOOO NICE. 
But really.. 
It's not THAT nice.
Zac's a great actor though. ;)

Here are some pics we took!
Didn't upload as many as I wanted to because of my cousin's lousy connection yday.

oh yeah! 
I'm back in KTT by the way.
So what does that mean?
-It means I won't be blogging until friday / saturday.

Friday quickly come to me!
Bio results, please be good to me.
My physics.
Should I tell the whole world what I got?
I guess so.
Shouldn't be embarrassed because it was my very own doing.
Study harder NAVENIA!
I got a 72.
but I'm okay.


Mr blue duck, we'll see you on sat I hope! :)

Sushi King for lunch!

Tori Karage. (I think it's spelled like that) -Kai siau-ed by Veryn. nice nice.
CHEERS to a good week ahead! aihhh. MONDAY TOMORROW. wonderful.

Nav: Waa cool. Pose like the "showstopper" Danity Kane video.

But to think of it, showstopper was on a road not a railway track. LOL.

- of course yeng la.

Oh yeah. 
We went to bubba gump for dinner.

For those who don't know/ haven't heard of that place before ( not that likely ), It's a concept restaurant from the movie Forest Gump.

Actor: Tom Hanks.

I keep telling people to watch the movie but I didn't even watch it before.
Going to.

ANYWAY, I'm gonna give you guys a rough update about the recent TV shows.
Well, at least those that I watch.
Most of them were out (new season) last week or two.
So yeah.

One Tree Hill: Season 8. For the first 2 episodes of the season, I'll give it a 7.0/10.
Not bad, not bad. Surprisingly.
Gossip girl: Season 4. First episode, started off a little rough. But 2nd episode was good. Better I must say. Worth watching? -Definitely.
The Vampire Diaries: I'll just give it an overall grade. 8.5/10.
Very good. Well obviously. Only the 2nd season.
Wait until the 8th season comes. =S
90210: Season 3. YUCKS. DON'T WATCH. eww. Waste of time. 5.0/10
Supernatural: Season 6. The show I was REALLY REALLY REALLY waiting for.... got me SOOOOOOO DAMN DAMN DAMN DISAPPOINTED. Watched the first episode this morning right after I opened my eyes. Damn. What a start to a new season. Damn disappointing.
I'll give the episode a 3.5/10. That's how disappointed I was. Really.
That's coz out of all the shows, supernatural was the best to me.

Nevermind that.

Hope that update helped you widen your tv shows knowledge a little. LOL.
Despite general knowledge, this kind of information is good too okay!!!


So... I'm actually watching Harry Potter and the half blood prince AGAIN right now.

I paused and blogged.

I'll get back to that now. 

So I'll catch you later guys.

Have a good week ahead.

Remember, POSITIVE POSITIVE. all the time.


P.S. : Darren Poh told me to blog about him. So.. NAH. Your name on my post. LOL. He's back in Penang by the way. Just to update whoever who knows who he is. hahahaha.


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