Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Guess who's back! NAVENIA'S BACK!!

-okay lame. HAHAHA. but hi everyone!!! especially those from penang!!! I'm much closer to you guys now. I can feel you. Your presence. LOL.

I'm crazy. anyway. I FEEL SO GOOD right now! see so semangat to blog also. by the way, just got back from penang international airport.

Pictures above and below were the ones that I took in lcct.
-From my webcam. LOL. trying not to look weird in front of the people around me. But wtv. It's not like there were any good looking guys. ahemm. XD

My plan of meeting a super good looking guy in the airport always fail!
You know.. the conventional love story when the guy meets the girl in the airport. sit next to each other. fall in love. blah blah blahhh. HAHA.

like that'll ever happen to me.

Dream, nav, dream.

ANYWAY, vers is coming to pick me up at 2pm later. gonna go HANG after so long!! yay! gonna watch step up 2. woops i mean 3. double yay! who thinks step up 1 is the best dance movie ever made?? step up 2 was lame to me. 1 rocks! hope 3 rocks too! XD

What else did i wanna say? oh yeah! THANKS SHAMIN. If you ever read this, for accompanying me this morning to lcct. appreciate it! although ur flight's like 5.50pm. =S crazyyy. haha

gracias gracias.

What are friends for eh?

Blog tonight! love ya!

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