Saturday, September 11, 2010

Penang (4th post)

Hey hey.
Today was a SUPER long day. Went out at 1pm and came back around 10pm. uhhuh. but it was fun indeed!

Woke up at 12 and showered and all that crap, then these two crazy guys came to fetch me.
We were like a crew? lol.
Wore the same thing.
Well kinda.
and Akash were like wearing black t shirt and jeans.
And I was wearing a black top and denim skirt. So yeah. kinda funny. lol.
Went to queens. makan makan. den coffee bean and talk talk talk until about 5.15.

They're damn funny seriously. clowns. LOL.
Ben here says he's so innocent but err we all know that he's not.
Akash on the other hand is better than CNN and BBC combined. =)
funny la seriously.
Great outing.

Mr. Ben Goon.

Mr. Akash Patel.

After that, was suppose to go home, but instead they dropped me at gurney (coz i told them to) coz I wanted to meet eunice and gang coz it was her birthday celebration. ok that was a long sentence. haha. Anyway, I arrived and ran around gurney to get a pressie for nizzy(eunice) and into ken shen's car I went. Off to James Foo to makan western food with everyone else.
Was so great to see everyone again after so long. Lydia, Cheryl, Belle, Shevern, Swee Lyn, Poh lynn, Jenny, Wai May, Joanne etc etc.

Me, Nizzy & Lyd! =)

After James Foo, we went to netcity! played left 4 dead a lil. I didn't really play though. =)

From left; Swee Lyn, Me, Joanne, Lyd.

Then went home after that.
Tired tired!
But FUN!


Out again tomorrow.

Till then, see ya.

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