Friday, October 29, 2010


'Coz you know just what to say..
And you know just what to do..
And I want to tell you so muchhhhh....
I love you.

Now now.. don't think too much. People tend to think too much when they see mushy stuff like that. when you don't mean ANYTHING like that. Weird, the human mind. no??? 
Tend to complicate things when everything is so genuinely simple. hmm.

What a lovely song above.
Here you go,
Changed my caller ringtone to HELLO by the glee cast ( Lea and Jonathan ).
To those I know. Call me call me. HAHA. =P

And anddd.. to destress the other day, I watched my old youtube videos and came across the genting video with the crew. AWWW. funny times. =) :

gonna watch vampy diaries now. later sushi sushi. YEAH. blog tonight. XD

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little Darlin'

Aloha peeps!

IT'S 12.00am which means it's already SUNDAY. damnnn. Time flies. Like as if you don't already know that. hahaha. Sorry I can't think of what to type and I'm typing whatever that comes to my half sleepy mind. =D


Coz well.. Went for my little cousy Morisya's concert ( I wanted to type birthday) lol. Told ya I'm half asleep. Anyway, it's my first time going to a little someone's concert. 
Well at least someone close to me. =) 
What can I say. 

Damn amusing. Those kids. Too cute to be true.
But the most momentous part of all was to see the faces of the families of all the precious lil' beings. Contented. Jubilant. PROUD. 
The expressions that the AH KONGS, AH MAS, MUMMIES AND DADDIES had just gave me a splurge of exuberance. Really. The rush I had. =) The thought of never having the feeling of being on stage when I was a little girl with the stentorian cheers that split your ears especially from my immediate family just kinda made me pause and blast to the past for a split second. hmm. Well, shushhh nana. Don't spoil the happy mood. =/ But I was just ruminating for a jiffy. =) No biggie.

Soooo.. back to the topic! See the picsys below. =)

Hey hey. =D

Lil' Darlin Momo ( that's what I call her; MOMO ) HAHA.

 hiau much? HAHA. like her nana jie jie. SHHHHH. HAHAHAHA. -kiddin.

The hall was damn freaking awesome by the way. Totally like a cinema. The seats were awesome too. Kinda like the aeroplane seats in the first row where you have to open the table from the arm rest thingy. Not sure whether you get what I mean but yeahhh. whatever. Just know that it's cool would be enough. hahaha. =))) nice.

Mahen koko..
 Didn't take pics of MYSELF in the hall coz well as you can see.. overexposure. as always. silly camera.

Sexy much? 
cleavage mannn cleavageeeee. 
HAHA. So young niaaaaa. but so cuteeeeeeeee. =DDDDD

 sorry I couldn't help myself. HAHAHA. READDDDDDDDDDD:


Lucky, no?

Oh yeah I wanna share something with you guys. 
Did you guys have any childhood crushes
Like I mean really childhood like during kindy? haha. Well I CERTAINLY DID. But I didn't even reach puberty yet that time! why so hiau? my goodnesssss. HAHAHA. HUMAN NATURE PERHAPS. lol! I think I was about 4 to 5 yrs old that time. HAHAHA. but here's the sad part. He DIDN'T LIKE ME BACK. WADDAAAAA. stupid guy. HAHAHA. He had ALOT of girl admires. And he kinda turned all down. LOL. ahemmm. Sad thing is that, I don't remember his name. =( or else I'll TRACK him down and make him REGRET. (hahahahahahahaha) - I'm crazy I know. =D 

But thing is, I don't remember ANY of my kindy friends coz I went to some faraway kindy near PFS (YWCA). Far from where I live in Penang too coz according to my mum and some other people it's super good or whatever. but hello??? it's just KINDERGARTEN! NOT UNIVERSITY!!! hahaha. need to see ranking somemore mehhh? CHEHHH. hahaha.

 Some other performances:
Waka waka.
TWIST. (hindi)
kids about 2 plus. aww. cute.
Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
Naega naega naega. lol.

 So innocent. =)

 You did well momo! Nana jie jie is totally proud of you! =) awesomeeeeee. *applause* muak!

 Sorry I just had to take pics of myself while waiting. hahaha. =D

Ni jie jie, Me and Halijah jie jie. =)

I watched YOU AGAIN a couple of hours ago. 
Was GOOD. yup! 7/10! Kristen Bell is versatile no doubt!
From Forgetting Sarah Marshall to Heroes to this chic flick. Not bad at all. =) 
*applause once again* hahaha.
And Jamie Lee Curtis. I like her too! Who doesn't right? After watching Freaky Friday. =D

So... Awesome day right? DEFINITELY.

No regrets.

Owh yeah. 
One question; 
Do I give the impression of being a bad girlfriend? Well just by looking at me. Pretend you don't know me. Coz well SOMEONE told me that. And well, hate to say this, but it kinda broke my heart for a second. I'm cool now. hahaha. but I'm still wondering. LET ME KNOW ALRIGHT. HAHA.
ok nonooo. ONLY let me know if you think it's not true. HAHAHAHA. =P

Have a great sunday.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Something's wrong.

THE day of the week.
Used to be ecstatic to go home. 
And now, I'm pretty much the opposite. 
Screw myself
 What's wrong with me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Too Little Too Late.

Mentally coz.. well, got my mind worked up on some UNNECESSARY stuff. really. 
Why did I get myself into this mess. =( silly silly me. Too little too late. 
Probably it's worth it. =) gahh. 
Hope so. Well I guess so. 
Earning a true friend and losing the fake acquaintances. =D

Physically coz well, I CLEANED THE HOUSE. well not really. 
Both my housemates were the real pros. I practically helped like a wee bit here and there. teeheeeeee. 
Look at how happy we were above. AWWWWW. Thank god I have them. =D

PICS and MORE PICS below. =)

I'm like probably the only weirdo who cleans the house in formal clothes. LOL. LAZY TO CHANGE LAAAA. hahaha! - and I look like a siau chabohhh. XD

Thats my hair in the cam by the way. LOL. looks like some weird thingy sticking out. HAHA.

  while waiting for the floor to dry. LOL.

TSKKK. On the left room, NAN with her boyfie on skype. Right room, THIA eating her dinner. haha. Middle; cuckoo me. =DD

Oh yeah, I never really got the chance to actually play with the stuff on the webcam before. Last time I played with the application was when Lydia was still in ktt. (Pic above) =) So yeah. that explains the pics below. LOL.

YOU drive me crazy.

That's how I felt today. LOL.

Fabulous much???   - not at all. hah.

Thia says this is cute. haha.

my favourite! =D

2nd favourite! hahaha.

Why does everything I do have to be under the microscope?


That's why feelings are best kept to oneself. 
No feelings at all would be the best. 
I'm diverging.
Get back on track nav. Get back on track.

Okay now I'm talking nonsense.
Let's change topic!

I had a convo with my roomies yesterday about my
dream celebrity BOYFRIEND.

And Nhan's was of coz CHACE CRAWFORD (Nate in gossip girl). 

hahaha. but buttt BOYFRIEND?? nahhhhh. I feel that he isn't loyal. LOL. (like as if I know)
but I FEEL SO! 

And Thia's was IAN SOMERHALDER (damon salvatore from vamp diaries) 

well of courseeeee it's damon!!! He's charming and all but a little too cheeky for me. LOL. did I just say cheeky? hahaha. Thia's gonna murder me if she reads this. XD




DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their reaction:

BURST OUT LAUGHING NON STOP. =.= they were expecting some drop dead gorgeous hunk like errrr whoever laaa. Zac Efron or whatever. but buttt DAVIDDDD ARCHU???? HAHAHA.

My comment:

And you feel like you wanna squeeze him everytime! =) sweet! 
Okay fine maybe not squeeze. But you get what I mean! LOL.

Here's their CORRUPTED COMMENT. Well I have corrupted housemates. LOL.
Imagine having sex with archie. He'll be like
*There's something bout love that breaks your heart OH -OH-OH-OH*   
* This crush ain't going AWAY-AY-AY* 
when he's having an orgasm.
=.= HAHAHAHA. The three of us ended up laughing. silly much!

Don't have to think so far right!? GRRR. 
But I'll still stick with my ARCHU.

Think long term people. Long term. HAHAHA.



Long day tomorrow. Should I go back this week? help me. =S

Till next time. I'll see ya around. =)

I feel much better now. :)