Saturday, December 4, 2010

Old times.

Hey ya'll! 
Kinda went through some stuff on my old desktop in Penang and found these photos.
Haihh memories.

Genting with tyl, vers, juv and cons. <3

RANGERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. dammit. Miss it soooo much!

Judging the cookout competition. fun! 


Last christmas with the crew!

With Owen the cutie boy. Yi Lin's mum's friend's son. LOL.

First-time-fish-spa-moment. =)

Guides putting up their hands and legs to see how tight their lashings were. hahaha.

Giving instructions for the final task.

Yi lin doing the same for the other group. :)

failed campfire. haha. Coz it was raining.


YEAH MANNN. drilling comp. Rangers. - always the champ. XD

haihhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. made by ti nee. I remember the time when she sent me the file to ask for my opinion. Still in my computer. I WANT TO GO BACK IN TIMEEEEEEE!

HAHAHAHAHAHA. with cle, kel, tyl and belle! went hiking! GOSH look how different everyone is now. :)

Tyl; story telling. Me; public speaking. HAHAHA. SO FUNNYYYYYY.

awwwwww. head prefect and assistant. HAHAHAHA. LAUGH PEOPLE LAUGHHH. I myself am laughing. LOL.

I REALLY REALLY wanna go back in time. =( Life was so funnnnnnn. Really. 
I miss everyone. 

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