Saturday, December 4, 2010

Penang II.

Hey hey! :)
This is my second post today. 
Uploading pics using the landline is pretty fast compared to my silly broadband.
max-ed it already. =(
So... This is actually the 2nd post bout my beloved hometown.

Day before yesterday:
Met up with WWP (wai pheng the beloved ex classmate) ;)
Was a good outing. Good to catch up.
As you can see, the cards above were for my cousys. If you read my previous post, it was their birthday. So yeah. bought the cards with wp and tyl and wrote it in gurney over a hot cup of hot choc! =D

Me, WP, TYL.

At night, dim sum with consie!
And by the way, it's not weird to have dim sum at night! or is it? haha.

My favourite fried man touuu or however you spell it. ;)
Consie remembers that I love it so she ordered that. Good memory connn! XD

Annoyed-don't-wanna-take-picture-look. teeheeee.

 Next day. (today)
Was suppose to be a food day for me. Coz well, I didn't eat ANY penang-ish kinda food since I arrived.
So my aunt and I went to padang to chiak ho liau hawker food.
I warned her that I'll be ordering everything that's nice there although I won't finish the food definitely. And she was like order all you want. ..but YOU PAY. =( 


And so I did. :)

I think it's called padang because there's a small sort of padang in the middle? LOL. 
LOL. like as if it's very nice. oh well. it was niceeeeee. =D

ba chang kueh!
Aunt took half of it while I was ordering yong tau foo. So when I got back I was like woiiiiii, why didn't wait for me! I wanna take pic! hahaha. and she was like woopsieee. nvm la take half can d. hahaha.

damn niceeeeee. 

My aunt said why didn't put vege since you wanna take pic. =D My aunt's getting smarter. =D

goshh. among ALL, this was the best thing I ordered definitely.
DAMN MAJOR NICE. Not exaggerating. Seriously. The place I went is famous for this. 
Apparently the old man has been selling for dunno how many decades right there at the same spot. interesting.

My iauuuu lo bin. (my errr how to translate hungry-kinda-look?) lol.

My SATISFIED look. =)

I had hokkien mee at night! 
-made by aunty betty! 
So I kinda had a little of everything in one day. 
Not eating tomorrow. 
To compensate.

But I didn't get to eat the following this trip ;

-Abu maggie goreng
-Ali mee goreng
-Curry mee
-Lam mee
-Laksa ( not that I'm a huge fan but still ) =)
- James Foo chic chop
- Lorong Selamat Char Koey Teow ( NEVER TRIED) wanted to. but damnnn. no time.
- Oooo Chein (fried oyster)
- Bee hui Char Koay Teow, chicken rice and western food.

That's all I can think of right now.
That's a pretty long list of food no?
hmm. next trip next trip. woohoo!

need to go pack now!
Good night folks.

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