Wednesday, December 1, 2010


How have you guys been?
Sorry I've been MIA for quite some time now due to exams and stuff. So yeahh!
By the way, I'm BACK IN PENANG! WOOHOOOO! thank god for that. =)
I had a one day genting trip a day after I finished my papers. No mood to blog bout that now. 
Anyway, I can't sleep right now. So I'mma BLOG bout my AWESOME. Super duper past two days. 

The first outing was with veryn, the bff and consie the bonsie. =)

We laughed 24/7 about crap. goshhhh. Seriously miss that. I seriously needed that. Really. Thanks girls.
I know that I can really count on you girls for anything and everything. :)
Funny how so many things can change in just a couple of months.
Pics are below.

Cheers to us! <3

A round of daytona before the movie. Felt like a tween again. The days when we used to go to the arcade to see guys and 'cool' people. LOL. When I see those younger than I am there, I kinda actually miss being like them you know? Memories. =)

Anyway, was a superb day with my girls. Looking forward to our next outing. =))
Our outings are now limited. So gotta cherish every single moment. :)

Sooooo.. TODAY. Well technically yday, ( since I haven't slept so I'll just assume it's the same day )
Hung out with the old crew.
DAMN FUN. Really. Missing out our USA boy though. =( 
Since Ausy dude kel, and yi lin's back, we kinda had our mini reunion in mizi's bistro and then gurneyyyy. =)
No one has changed at all. So it felt really good just being urself around everyone and yeah, just being in the moment.

Oh yeah they chged. a lil. their looks. better now. *applause*
Cle; cuter. :)
Jan; handsome-r (kel, mang emo kay?) HAHAHA. =p
Kel; LAGI ENTAU. ( to make you happy ) LOL. -his hair. Finally black and just the right cut. no more tukao-ish kinda style. good job kel good job. =D

We had our laughs. Had our pictures. yeah. great day. Just like the old times. :) miss that alot too.

The bff. =)

The ding dongs. ahahahaha. =D


Oh yeah. We went to clinic cafe for a drink. Just so that I can take some pics of the place. Told my roomies bout this place in penang. So yeah, now you girls can see how disgusting/interesting this concept restaurant is. =)

Cle's new gadget. =)

Finally being able to drink from a conical flask. How interesting.

I actually wanted to sit on the wheelchair. but yeah we sat in front. lol.

At night, we went for steamboat at nagore road. damn nice. We were suppose to go with connie ONLY. but was invaded by the crew too. hahaha. FUN FUN nonetheless. =)

There are pics of the steamboat but yeah. Connection a lil cacat. So I'll post it in my next post.

Overall. BEST day so far.
Had a really good time.
Exhausted now that I've finished blogging.
Will be going out tomorrow too. YAY to that.
but =( to my stupid mood now.  dammit.

No one's EVER said that I'm not worth it. what the hell man. like seriously. 
Well you know what. I am. To a WHOLE lot of other people at least. A spec can't kill me. 
Damn, just wasted some salt water from my body. LOL.
My eyes were already dry due to contacts. now its DRIER.
feeling dehydrated now.

off to bed. 

nites darlings. Blog tomorrow bout tomorrow. 


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