Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Will you marry me?

Was blog hopping and came across this post:

It was our belated 4th anniversary and he suggested to bring me to Rasa Sentosa Resort(by Shangrila) to celebrate our day!
We were exploring Sentosa the whole day until the end of the Songs of The Sea Show, here our stories come.
He brings me to the Siloso Beach before heading back to our hotel. We were chit-chatting about our life, marriage, futures, families, baby while enjoying our wonderful stary night under the twinkle stars light. Suddenly he asked me to turn back and close my eyes while he’s trying to draw me lovely words on the sand as what he did on my 2007 birthday celebration at Angsana Bintan.
A few minutes later, he asked me to turn back. I saw him knee down with a ring on his hand and he had draw a big love shape on the sand where I was standing in the shape by written ->
Witness by the soft full moon, calm sea, cooling sea breeze, twinkle stars, tall yet shy coconut trees and the sand of the beach, I nod my head by saying YES to him *touch*
While we backed to our hotel room, he covered my eyes before entering the room. When I opened my eyes, I saw the bed cover covered where something hide underneath. I pulled away the bed cover and I found many colorful balloons on the bed! And a 1000 jigsaw puzzles! The jigsaw puzzles was a picture of Mickey & Minnie sitting along Santorini, Oia enjoying their wine! This will be the scene where we going to see in Greece for our honeymoon in 2009! He has spent 3 days stayed up all night to finish the 1000 puzzles. Again, my tears flow uncontrollable.. I was very touch, words will never able to explain my feelings.
I was so touch with tears of joy. I was too happy to see all these surprises arranged by him. This will be our most unforgettable moment in our life…
This is the day of our promise to undertake in our life. 

hahaha. coooool no? imagine. A jigsaw puzzle bout where he's gonna bring her. 
I think if I was the girl, I'll be like errrr...ohhhhhh. jigsaw puzzle... for me? awwwwwww... 
(thinking in my head: why the hell did you do a jigsaw puzzle for me.)
- Very slow maaa. Can't blame me.
Then eventually when I realise what it actually is, I think I'll go crazy. 


Romantic no???
Are you a romantic person?
Ahem Ahem.

As for me, I'm the most romantic person you can find.

Just a random post by the way.
Tata for now.

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