Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Didn't intend for my very first post after a hundred decades to be so melancholic.
A blog is to express how you feel. So I'm just gonna express how I feel now. Hopefully to feel just a wee bit better. So don't bother reading. Guess no one reads my blog now anyway. Hmm.
I feel sad. Just gotta say it. Feel like crying. =( Sometimes a straight line graph of one's life isn't so bad. Especially when you feel like shit. pfft. Just don't get it why a simple request would be so hard to fulfill. You'd do anything for someone you really care about, no?

Hmm. straight line straight line. but I miss the amplitudes. the positive ones for sure.
Experiencing the negative part now.
Amplitude: maximum displacement from an equilibrium position.
A beneficial line out of this whole pathetic post.