Tuesday, May 20, 2014

:( I'm just a girl.

Hey readers! I've really missed you. Miss blogging a lot. It's just that I honestly have no time. Anyway, just felt like expressing some stuff. A lot and I mean ALOT has been going on in my life lately. Just really in a depressed mode. :( I used to be this happy girl with no worries and wouldnt let anything or anyone affect how I feel. But I've changed so damn much over the pass 3.5 years. I've become the person that I thought I would never be. So god damn vulnerable. I've finally found my archiles' heel. LOLLL. and that's my stupid fragile heart. :( giving your all sometimes is just not enough. After all I've been through in my life from a little girl up until now, never thought I'd let anyone mess with my feelings. Especially someone whom you've trusted with all your heart. 
When I was a little kid and some family stuff happened, I truly DESPISE the words PEOPLE CHANGE. I just really, honestly cannot accept that. Maybe people change from
Kids to adulthood but after that, Why can't people just stay the same. ;( if you wanna change, don't go on dragging others along. So basically.PEOPLE DO CHANGE, even the one you thought would never. 

So peeps (hahaha used to use that word a lot, gosh I miss my old life) , lesson of the day, Wth, lesson of a LIFETIME: never ever ever trust anyone but yourself. Even the sweetest most prince-charming kinda words, just don't open your heart and give your all, until and unless you're 1000000000 percent sure that that person would NEVER and I mean NEVERR hurt you or even bare the thought of hurting your fragile heart. (actually, I guess you would never ever really know that too. :( sucks to be too good)

So that's for today. Will blog more soon. Glad I've reunited with you, nana nishel. lolllllll. I love youuuuu and goodnight. Xx. Sweet dreams guys. <3 font="" nbsp="">

I gotta be positive! 

Quote from a dear friend today: Good things fall apart, so better things can fall together. :) 
Life's too short to be crying over one person.

#Being alone is better than being in misery. :) 

Thanks BFF and vers, NYCKJ, and many others (highly doubt any of you still visit my blog) for listening to my rants every single day. I love you guys. Xx. 

BFF told me today that I'm not this weak, used to be so strong, but that was before i let anyone in. used to to scold her for being so weak and Wth am I doing now?! C'mon, pull yourself together and forget the past.

 Think about people who are worth your thoughts, time and tears. 

Lots of love. 

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