Thursday, June 19, 2014


HEY READERS! You guys still exist. Thanks for visiting! :) anyway HIII! 

How are you guys? As for me I'm feeling great! The greatest actually! Just finished my theory papers! And woooo! It's over!! :) although I still have practicals but boohoo, trying to not buzz kill my own joy. 

Soooo! I didn't actually plan on blogging. At least not until I'm back home, actually blogging ON my computer not on my pathetic teeny winnie iPhone screen with the tiny miny letters that I'm looking at right now. But I couldnt resist! As I was reading some blogs myself. 

Im just like most of you guys I suppose who just love sitting on one spot browsing through stuff on the web. It's entertaining, fun and can inspire you so much at times. Times when you're down and you just want to read something or just those minutes you want to pass when you're staring at be it the same pathetic pathology page for an hour or whatever it is you don't want to study but you have to anyway. Hahaha I'm sure many of you can relate! 

So anyway talking about what I was/am still reading, WARNING: please don't think I'm mad or a silent psychotic nutcase who's gonna run amok anytime in the not too distant future. LOL. 
I was reading the manifesto of Elliot Rodger which has 141 pages. I feel bad posting the link here, coz I personally feel that they should have took it down along with his YouTube videos which are no longer there anymore. So feel free to google if you guys want to! ;)

Anyway for those who do not know who he is, he's the serial killer who killed several people in US because of his hatred and vendetta against the female population. Uhhuh. Scary no? What's so intriguing is that his mum's from Penang.That's where I'm from if you guys didnt already know. Around Pulau Tikus to be exact. (thats where the most awesome school in the world is) LOLLL.  Andddd the best part; his dad's like the second unit director forrrrr.... Wait for itttttttttttt.... the HUNGER GAMES! Uhhuh. Ironic much?
I mean how did someone from pulau tikus date someone in Hollywood? LOLL. ok that's not even the main point! Hahaha but it kinda was the first thing that came into my mind when I read about the news! Lol sorry! Involuntary! And anddd hunger games is like about about a bunch of kids going cuckoo and killing everyone. Hmm. 

So anyway, his story is really compelling. What I wanted to say was that I personally love reading stuff as crazy as this. I still remember buying a couple of huge books from mph about serial killers, rapist and psychotic individuals and the crimes they commited. I just find it so mind boggling that the human brain is so damn complex and the things you can actually do with it is just beyond imagination. I mean these stories are meant to be JUST stories. They aren't meant to be commited. 
But still these individuals have such intricate minds that some have the finesse to plan EVERY SINGLE detail so precisely that they manage to escape even the biggest crimes ever commited. Quote; 9/11. That's a major story I dug deep into. If you haven't watched zero dark thirty, please do. 

Ok so I'm sure most of you are freaked out by the kinda interest I have. HAHAHAHA! Chill ok! It's just that it's really interesting to me that people can do stuff like that! scaryyyyy and totally beyond a mirage and most definitely not a figment of the imagination! It all happened! 
So no judging aite!? Hahaha. Try reading. You may think its interesting too. :p 

Anyway, why did I even talk about this. Hahaha. It just randomly came up while I was typing. :) 
Blogging is fun indeed. :))) 

That's all for today yo! Until next time. Xx. Hugs! 

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