Saturday, June 21, 2014

What A Girl Wants.

What a girl wants? 
-Shoes, bags, clothes, a boyfriend?
Oh yeah, I'm sure all those are in the list too but what a girl really wants is:

A Father. 

So, I just watched the movie 'What A Girl Wants' for the 100th time. And EVERY single time, I'd bawl my eyes out like a little girl. You have no idea. I'm what? 22?
 And yet still lingering, yearning for the love of her dad. 
It's sad, really. 

That I'd never get the chance to have my own father daughter dance. 
That I have never heard my dad say 'sweet dreams honey',and kiss me on the forehead. 
That I never said a genuine 'I love you dad', ever. 
That I'd never get the chance to say hey dad! Let's go for a father daughter movie date this weekend. 
That I'd never get to call and complain about what my ex boyfriend did to me and grumble, bleat, hug and cuddle, to hear comforting words like, you know what,  It's gonna be alright little one. Your daddy is here. And he's the best boyfriend you can ever get. 
That I'd never get the chance to take pictures with him on my graduation day, seeing everyone else with their dads. 
That I'd be emotional during father's day because I don't have anyone to call or buy mugs or hilarious cards to say how cool my dad is. 
That I'd never feel protected from all the cruelty of the world if I have a father who's arms I feel are greater than the great wall of china. Hahaha! Ok serious Navenia, serious. 
That I'd never have the chance to just pick up the phone, and know that he will come to my rescue anytime if I'm in major trouble. 
That I'd never ever get to do all that and more. 

Most of all, I'll never get the chance to feel the love of a father. 
On top of it all, the joy to have a happy family. 

So to those of you out there, who have parents, still alive and kicking, although they may not be the greatest parents in the world, just remember that they never left you. They stuck by your side, through it all. 
They were there for you when ur pampers were wet, and if god permits, they'll be there handing you over to your future half. 
So be thankful, love them with all your heart, cherish what god gave you because not everyone gets to experience a good childhood. 

Because we only have one childhood, one chance to be carried out of the hospital after we breathed our first breath, one chance to take your first step, one chance to enroll into preschool, one chance to be taken to your first day of school, one chance to take your first big award on stage, one chance to be able to share the joy of obtaining a scholarship that you know is the only chance you have to survive on your own and not rely on anyone else, one chance to be enrolled into medical school, and through all those chances, 

He wasn't there.

And he won't be there through many other one chances ever in my viability. 

Not trying to gain sympathy, 
Just trying to convey how important it is to really cherish the people you have in your life and to cherish how lucky you are. 
And to be a better person when you, whoever you are, have your own little family.  NEVER leave.

Compare yourself to those who are much worse and not those who are better. :) 

Hug your dad. Kiss him and tell him you appreciate him for being there and thank him for everything he's ever done. 

Signing out. Xx. Goodnight world. Lotsa love. 


  1. hi sis~ im winnie~ rmb? how r u? such a long time never see u d.. just found ur blog here~ =D

  2. Hi Winnie!! Of course I remember you! Heehehe sorry for the late reply. Just saw your comment! How are u????! Hope you're doing good! Take care ok! ;)

  3. yea im fine~ take care too my dear~ ^^