Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dining amongst the rich and famous.

Good day all you lovely people!
As promised, another post up!

In this post, I'm going to review and talk about one of the most luxurious and extravagant dining experiences I've ever had. 
Everything was perfect and exquisite.

From the moment we hopped on the ferry to the captivating Rose Bay and
 to the second we left the enchanting place, everything was sublime.

So the bff and I wanted to dine at some sumptuous place and after thorough research,
 we clinched on this one. 

Just like the Michelin's ranking system awarding Michelin stars to restaurants across the globe, Australia is under the Age Good Food Guide (AGFG) ranking system awarding HATS to the finest and most prestigious restaurants in the land down under.
 I'm not entirely sure if this hatted system is only for Aus or for other countries too but all I want to say is that this restaurant we settled on is a hatted one.
 So we had great expectations and we were most definitely eager for them to be met.

Anyway, we chose: 


Perched right on the edge of the crystal and glistening waters in Sydney's Rose Bay, Catalina dining experience greatly offers a prepossessing harbour, coupled with exceptional compelling food.
 Dishes on the extensive seafood menu are exquisitely cooked and well presented.
 On top of that, guests can sit back and relax with their well matched champagne spectating sea planes take off and land on the beautiful waters of Rose Bay. :)

With breathtaking views of Sydney harbour, one can soak up Sydney’s beauty by indulging in delicious food overlooking the water at Catalina.

There’s unquestionably no place more wonderful to be on a beautiful bright day than Catalina, a quintessentially Sydney experience with majestic floating seaplanes gliding over the sparkling waters.

There you have it. The simple and beautiful Catalina on a sunny perfect afternoon. :)

Dressed up for our dining experience. An obligatory shot at the entrance.
It was COLDDDDDD. So it was a quick shot and off we went in to be treated like royalty. :)

So, while I was a little too free planning this, I did alot of background

 check on the place and discovered all the celebs who dined there.

To make my post more
'electrifying and dramatic',
 let me include what I discovered.

There's Nicole Richie and hubby Joel Madden leaving Catalina.

Charlize Theron and her cute little boy, Jackson Theron.

Tyra Banks celebrated her 41st birthday in Catalina.

Katy Perry arriving Catalina.

The forever gorgeous Miranda Kerr.
?Revenge? actress Emily VanCamp and her actor beau and co-star Joshua Bowman went to Catalina eatery for lunch in Sydney, Australia on April 29, 2012 followed by a day at the Sydney Football Stadium to watch the Waratahs play the Hurricanes in super rugby.
.. and OF COURSE, one of the reasons I wanted to pay this place a visit.
Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman.
Huge crazy fan girl right here! :))

Hugh Jackman and Naomi Watts doubled up on their Aussie power for a fun date night with their significant others.

Now back to reality. Back to us. 
It was such an incredible setting overlooking the most gorgeous view.
 The serene feeling of mother nature overwhelmed every bit of me whilst looking out
 the window from our perfect table and having our warm sour bread while
 flipping through the A list menu.
 Watching the pelicans land gently on the balcony and the water lapping
against the shore can wash away the stresses of life for awhile.


Hello there from us 'sophisticated ladies'. lollll.
 Like for once we 'behaved' and left our 'cuckooness' locked away.
 Somewhere farrrr farrrr away while we were amongst 'royalty'.

And so.. To start of the food review..

1. Entrée

Catalina house smoked salmon, soft boiled duck egg, truffle mayonnaise and brioche.

Perched atop a piece of grilled golden brioche and taking centre stage, the soft boiled egg looked spectacular with a section of white removed and the yolk oozing down to the plate.
 It was a mini waterfall of nothing but goodness.
I can assure you, it's THE BEST appetizer I've had in my life.
 The combination of each and every single element in this perfectly designed dish just calls for a standing ovation.
 A round of applause to the head chef Mark Axisa for this mind blowing creation.

RATING: 4.5/5


Crispy scaled Chatham Island Blue Cod, with zucchini ribbons,
 mixed mushroom ragout and pancetta lardons.

Heaven in a plate is all I can say for this one. The Blue Cod
 was the perfect seafood for this style as the butter had the
 optimum ratio of salt and sugar that goes absolutely well with the zucchini ribbons.
 The crisp on the fish was touché!


Smoked duck breast,
 confit duck Maryland, rhubarb tart
 and sauteed kale.

The xfactor of this dish is none other than the rhubarb tart. (below the duck).
 Together with the duck, it gives you an ultimate explosion in your oral cavity.
 Such burst of intricate flavours that sends you out of this world.

RATING: 4.5/5


Champagne jelly with gold leaf and raspberries, pomegranate and raspberry ripple ice cream.

This is no doubt the most orgasmic dessert one can ever have.
 Its literally a detonation on your tongue. LOL.
 That was the exact words I told the bff when I had my first tasting of it.
It was gorgeous to look at and even more divine to eat with fresh raspberries
 and dried strawberries which were FREAKING A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. 
The champagne wasn't too overpowering. 
In fact, it gave more flavour to the ice cream and all that was on this platter of perfection.


RATING: 4.7/5

Just ignore our ultra ugly faces here. I just love the background! It looks like a painting. :)

The loo. LOL. We had too! lolll. Sophistication on hold. :P

And so.. That concludes the most expensive, sophisticated, glamorous and SPECTACULAR (think of all the incredible adjectives) lunch I've ever had. 

The bill was a bomb but it was soooo worth it and I know you won't really understand even after all my fancy description above. SO PLEASE TRY ITTTTT if you ever visit Sydney. You'll see how right I am because I know right now every single explanation seems overemphasized from your POV.

But trust me on this one. You have my word. :)

Check out their website:

P.S. : Wanna be Augustus Waters or Christian Grey? Impress your girl by enhancing your Catalina dining experience by taking a Seaplane flight over Sydney Harbour and land right in front of Catalina restaurant in Rose Bay. It was a little something I discovered in their website while checking them out. LOL. You're welcome. :)

If only I was a guy. I'm sure every single girl will melt in my hands. AHAHAHA. *evil grin*

kidding! have a nice day folks!


lotsa love. x

Friday, December 12, 2014

Till The End of Time.


*okay sorry for all the caps* 
Just excited to blog after so long! Sorry dear readers! 
Anyway this blog post has been pending for a pretty long time now! 
Photos were saved but just didn't have the time to put words in the post!

So there are 3 parts to the longest post of my blog (I think) lol.
A) Intro
B) Philosophical talk
C) My awesome holiday

So feel free to skip any one of them. LOL.

SOOOO.. how are you people doing!?? 
hope all is fair and well! 
As for me, to update the several months that I was MIA, 
everything's coming up Milhouse! 
Thankful for everything that I have right now, all the lessons I've learnt. The things that had happened in the past month/months really changed my perception towards so many things! That feeling when you wake up and smile. Like an idiot sometimes when you get a text or texts that brightens your day. Or when you just laugh your ass off with your friends with NOTHING but HAPPY THOUGHTS in your head. 

You know, I've missed this feeling SOOO much. To just have zero worries or nothing at the back of your mind. And to not worry about anyone or anything. It's an epic feeling! Really. Right now, its all about ME. It's like escaping purgatory. HAHA. 
I feel so free now and not held back by anything especially by mountains of lies, deceit, FEAR or whatever cock and bull. 
Just that I'm pretty clear that psychopaths really do exist.
 LOL. Probably because I watched too many movies, read and wrote about too many of these fictional looneys. hahaha! I'll leave it at that. 
Its creepy, SUPER creeped out. oh sorry. wrong word. TRAUMATISED.
 *rolls on the floor laughing*

And soo.. I've heard ALOT of interesting stuff about me lately, but honey, trust me that's only 15 percent of the whole truth. But you know what, I ain't gonna stoop so low. ;) 
I'd rather live in an ocean of truth with the sharks than to live in a fake bubble of happiness fabricated by lies in the bath tub.
 (LOL okay, so I created that) HAHAHA.

Just remember there are always 2 sides to a story
Understanding is a three edged sword. Your side, their side..
 AND the truth in the middle.
Not trying to play the sympathy card here but I've been playing the naive, dumb and effing puppet cards all these while, but now baby, it's time for the 


Anyway before discussing about the most awesome trip ever!
 I'd like to discuss about a topic! 
Its dedicated to one of the most significant people in my life. *you know who you are* 
*If you wanna skip my philosophical talk, do scroll down to the highlight of this post below* LOL

We're humans.
 I guess our minds are kinda tuned in such a way that we tend to think alot. 
Or MAYBE its a girl thing? I honestly don't know. But I USED to have this problem. Well I'd like to think or make myself think that its the past tense. hahaha! I used to overthink everything! And it really takes a toll on my mind.
 It drains ALOT OF YOUR ENERGY and not to mention, your precious time. Its really irritating and I'm sure ALOT of you out there can relate. 
I honestly can't let things that I'm not sure of just linger there in my mind. It's IMPOSSIBLE to just forget about it. IT'S INVOLUNTARY. It stays there..
 Eats and creeps at you slowly until you get the answer or explanation you're seeking for.

Let me give you a simple situation: 
If you have a crush on this person, and he doesn't reply you:

A) he might just not be into you/ he might be dating some hot chick
B) he might not have seen the text
C) he is busy
D) he is tired

But, OVERTHINKERS, their answer would beyond a shadow of doubt jump to A! That's for sure. They'd go negative all the way! All the thoughts will just flood your mind and they keep pushing your brains to think otherwise but it just WON'T LISTEN
Ultimately, you'll be stuck at your very first thought. Which will still be A! Well, I'm not saying that the answer might not be A. It could be! but WHY can't we train our minds to think the positive way? 

To not overthink and make us feel worse. Or BETTER just brush the thought off !
 I think now, I fall into that category.
 I'm not an overthinker nor do I think. LOL. I just don't give a shit. Is it called being ignorant? 
hmm, MAYBE. 
But I'd like to think of it as loving myself more, caring about ME and just don't care about all the negative stuff that tend to cloud your mind and those that tend to psycho you inside out.

Sometimes it might just be the most simple thing that can get you thinking a zillion unrelated thoughts. 

For example, your good friend acting a little weird today. 

DARLING, it's just probably her pms-ing or just tired. 
You'd probably overthink that you'd done something terribly wrong or said something not right. 
Then again it could really be her being pissed at you. LOL.

All I want to convey is that just try to TRAIN your mind to not care so much or think the worst of every situation. Try not to go to the worst case scenario and try to be more positive. 
That way, your mind would be more at ease and trust me, you'd honestly be a happier person.

This coming from me is pretty weird, because I used to be the greatest overthinker, probably in the world. LOL.
 But I think now that I've been training myself to just brush off whatever that bothers me or trying to think of the best case scenario of any situation. 
Like right now I'd probably choose C) for the scenario above instead of A) orrrrr I'd probably just don't care anymore. hahaha. So yeah just keep practicing and I think eventually, your mind would be TRAINED to think positive thoughts and to never overthink a situation. 
You know what they say, practice makes perfect! 
No matter how involuntary it may be, IT IS possible! 

Just live by this quote:
Never let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. 
-Dalai Lama

when you know who you really are, what kind of person you've grown to be, the values you live by and the honest person that you will always be.

Always remember that you don't have to live up to anyone's expectations but your own. If there's anyone you'd have to impress, it's yourself
People will see you for who you truly are. 
Well if they don't honey, then they aren't even meant to be in your life anyway.

Surround yourself with good people, those who bring out the best in you. As they say, you become exactly like the 5 closest people in your daily life.
 (ok I kinda read that somewhere. I think it was instagram. LOLOL) 

So yeah, speaking from experience, 
I think its really possible to OVERCOME OVERTHINKING! =)

Another experience that I'd really want to be a part of is witnessing the god of KARMA doing her job. LOL. When that happens, I'd remember to blog about it. :P


Enough philosophical talk!

I'm gonna talk about the best trip ever! 
To the land down under, AUZY-TRALIAAAA! 

So... it was a couple of months ago, I decided to book a flight to visit my bff of 15 years in Sydney!
She's no stranger to my blog, so you readers who follow me would know exactly who I'm talking about. :)
 wooohoooo! lol. ok going crazy. Anyway yup!
 It was a much needed vacay indeed. 
so I'm gonna let the pictures do most of the talking! 

The arrival of the CELEBRITY: aka yours truly. HAHAHA. missing the red carpet though. lol. 
Sooooo.. I was greeted in the airport by my most awesome #1 fan
Ms TAN YI LIN! with flowersssssss. how sweeeettt! :*** love you to bits! thanks for that!! Loving the first candid shot! soooo happpppyy! Can I book a ticket now!! arghhhh. 

Okay moving on!

Next day, we went for LUNCHIE! at this super cute place. 
Its called The Grounds Of Alexandria. 
*Sounds so greek myth-ish I know*
Its cute coz it has a barn (where pigs are in. Lol and ponies and all and just the whole set up of the place is pretty cool!)

Slurps no?!

What we ordered! The beef pasta was really good! :) Poached eggs were good too but not as good! 

and thennn.. the camwhoring begins!

so the barn is right next to us! lol. sorry we kinda forgot to take pics of whats IN IT. hahaha. WE were more important. HAHAHA.

I have the prettiest bff! :))

There was a flower shop in there too. The kale is TOO PRETTYYYY!

sky of jeans! 

sooo.. I was trying to take pics with the birds. hahaha. 

Sydney bridgeeee! :)

Super majestic!

So we went to have some pancakes at this famous pancake place! 
-Pancake on the Rocks!

After that, we kinda strolled about. The weather was great. We spent time talking and talking non stop about everything. Okay so basically we kinda did just that the entire trip. haha!

TIME FOR DINNER! guess where!? Headed to

 I was super excited to go there despite the terrible reviews from my bff herself.
So, we walked in and it was a really narrow place FILLED with too many people! 

Like literally. The tables were all so close to each other.
 As I walked in, my curious mind scanned around the entire subdued place.
 People were blathering away while we made our way to our designated seats.
 I was honestly like a little kid because I was so excited, as I'm kinda a fan of the man himself. 
(Its not like I'm gonna meet him) HAHA but you know, just that kid feeling!
 So I could see customers writing cards and notes for Mr. Oliver, thanking him and all that while we made our way to our table.

That kinda INCREASED my expectations towards his food. LOL. as they say, 


soooo... We ordered as you can see above, squid ink raveoli, something something spaghetti and something something fusilli. lol. (sorry I didn't take a pic of the menu anddd it was a few months ago)
REVIEW: 1.5/5

It was badddd. Not horrible but NOT IMPRESSIVE AT ALLLLL

The pasta was SOOOO HARDDDD! and the portion was sooooo TINYYYY! 
we were still pretty hungry after our meal.
So yeah. JAMIEEEEEEE, IM REALLY DISAPPOINTED! but you're still cute nonetheless. :


we went to this place called ANITA. It was seriously TOOOOO GOOOD! 
the yogurt was ahhhhh! 
gelato was also ahhhhhhhh!
 HAHAHA I had nutella and choc gelato.
 But the ultimate X FACTOR  is the choc sauce on the yogurt. 
That COMPLETELY sold me. :)

Sooo, the next day, my bff had to work!
 *so proud of her success btw*
 Anyway, it was a DORA-THE-EXPLORER kinda day for me! 
So it was me and google map all the way!
And thanks so much to all the ultra kind pedestrians! :) 

- I remember asking someone directions when I was with mummy in hong kong ( we both can't speak canto ) and the people just walked away. 
so yeah, woke up! dressed up! and headed out to
DARLING HARBOUR! took the train and walked abit. It was NOT EASY finding the place. 
Used my guiding skills to read the map and finalllllyyyyyy. REACHED!
I went to this mini zoo kinda thingy. HEHEHE. I'm this kinda girl. I like visiting zoos and doing all these tourisy stuff! UNLIKE MY BFF. who hate zoos. And thats why I chose that day to go ALONE! haha. 
Actually, I was supposed to go to the national sydney zoo which was really far but I kinda overslept. HAHAHA. sooo MINI ZOO it is!



Let me introduce to you people who don't know this fact:
The picture above is of the
so yeah.

its the QUOKKA!

your heart will melt! soooo cute! it SMILESSSSS! 

This pic is too funny! CATS. -.-
So.. I didn't take many pictures. Was basically enjoying seeing and hearing about the animals and all. Didn't even take a pic with the koalas! 
AFTER THAT! headed to MADAME TUSSAUDS! I'd never get sick of that place!
lol. Went to the HK ones a couple of times too!

That's admiral Arthur Philip, first Governor of New South Wales and founder of the settlement which became sydney. lol. SEE!! knowledge level increased! hahaha!
Sorry I don't watch tennis. Mind telling me who that is? haha. And I wasn't even interested to see his name!! ahh. 
ok knowledge: static.

This pic looks kinda real no? :)

Selfie timeeeee! hahaha sorry but I was ALONE! It was REALLY annoying to ask random strangers to keep taking your pics! lol. The pic with Keith Urban looks pretty real no? hehe.

BIEBERRRR you suckkkkkkk! (selfie with him just to say this) How could you be such as ass to SELENAAAAA gosh! I was just watching his one less lonely girl' performance with her in it. When he was so innocent and nowwwwww. *shakes head* Poor Selena! no worries, she deserves WAYYYY WAYYYY better! ;)

ok so Oprah looks scary! haha. Katy Perry looks okay though.

Oh hey. Just a casual day, chillin' with the royal fam bam. lol.


AUDREY AND MARILYN! Marilynnnn! I love your quotes!!! ;) sooo inspiring! girl power yo!

Who here doesn't love ET! I'll kill them! lol.

clockwise from top left: iron man, madonna, ERIC BANAAAAA WOOO!, Miranda Kerr. (doesn't look like her right? more like angie)

and then there's me!! finally out of the place! there were MANY MANY more. just too lazy for more pics. haha.

So it was really cold! and I was just sitting and walking around waiting to meet the bff!

I honestly cannot describe how delicious both of them were!! we dug in like pigs!
 finished the whole rack of pork ribs! yummy! tooooo good! finger licking good seriously! 
After that, we headed to Max Brenner for dessert! (left 2 pics) They have the most awesome chocolate stuff! slurpssss. hahaahaha

and there you have it!
2 fatty girls! 
ahaha so you see.. we aren't the jaga-badan kind. lolol. 
Is this the appropriate time to say YOLO? lol. 
Well since we don't really do the real 'YOLO', 
I guess this shall be our own definition of it! 
#kuaigirls #holygirls #pigs

These two lovely ladies left town.. and headed to.....


Thanks for the hot choc and the ticket and everything dearie!! 
It was an incredible getaway! :)

So we arrived our super awesome hotel room. It was hugeeeeeee. 
Wayyy bigger than how it actually looks like in the picture. Super clean, comfy and everything! :) Sorry I can't even promote the place coz I forgot the name of it.
 But I'll find out if you're interested! :)


First time having a churro! Nutella ferrero choc! woo!

sooo.. we walked around Surfers Paradise and decided to go
grocery shopping! To have a little girl time/slumber party. (just the two of us) LOL. 
and bought some stuff back to the room!

We were all cleaned up! and felt super fresh! time to dig in! haha.
 *fatty round 2*


DAY 2!!
time for some more fun!! :)

obligatory mirror shot!

selfie of the day!

andddd here we are! 
Just so you readers know. hahaha. I LOVEEEE THEMEPARKS.
If you'd give me a choice between shopping/food/themeparks/sightseeing, I would choose going to the themepark like ANYDAY! haha.
 Disneyland is definitely the best place ever to be created. In history. LOL. 
happiest place on earth indeed!

So this catwoman is MAJOR HIAU. according to me and yi lin's POV. hahaha.

Slyvesterr!! andddd.. Daffy duck! :)

Audrey and Tweety!!

I kinda compressed this pic a lil too much. Its blur! Btw its 
scooby dooooo and green lantern below!


I think we kinda paid to go in to take pics. LOLL. It was soooo empty and the setting was so nice!! hahaha. Girls?? That we are.

So.... this was kinda the highlight of the entire evening! 
We were both taking pics.. and these two cutie pies came up to us!!
 and their dad was like can they take a pic with you girls!
*celeb moment* 
or maybe we look like clowns. 
HAHAHA or worse, those scooby doo girl characters. LOLOL. 
Anyway, we got a pic taken on our cam too. teehee.

Oh well, kids admire us. HAHAHA. 

*follow our footsteps okay kids and you'll be as awesome as us*

sorry. its erm let me see.. 2.43am now. so yeahhh kinda high on sleepiness. LOL. 

So.. we basically met every single character in movie world except the one we wanted to meet most. That was batman. 
we kinda gave up hope coz he was no where to be found.
So we were nicely having our hotdog by the side of the road and 

 BATMAN CAME TO US. hahahahaha. Okay now I sound damn melebih. 
First two girls wanna take pic with you both.. now batman?? like whatttt? okayy so basically he didn't exactly come to us. hahaha. coincidence coincidence. 
he came with his batmobile and stopped just right in front of us. ahahaha. he talked to us in his oh-so-sexy voice and held our waist sooooo hiau-ly. LOL. 
like with pure confidence if you're wondering what that means.

And sooo.. day 2 in movie world ended! we got back to the room.. 
and got ready to go to this dinner-burlesque-CABARET sorta themed thing called 
that we booked a few hours in advance.

It turned out to be one of the most amazing things I've ever been a part of.
I swear I'm not exaggerating. 
I walked out of the whole event flabbergasted on how freaking cool the whole thing was. 
I COULDN'T STOPPED TALKING ABOUT IT. Just imagine.. I repeated the whole story like about nearly 8 times to different people. Lol. And now would be probably the 9th time I'm gonna talk about it.

SOO... Here goes.

Yi Lin and I dressed up. (we didn't exactly bring the right outfit to go to this kinda thing coz we didn't plan to but somehow we kinda managed). 
Took the tram and walked a little and we arrived this secluded Dracula's mansion.

It was lit really well. Our pics didn't really do this place or the event any justice at all. But trust me it was wow! Anyway, we still didn't really know what to expect.

So we queued up along with the rest of the people and eventually the door to the room opened. It was written above : WELCOME to your death/ cemetery or something creepy like that. 

We were too excited so obviously no pics were taken.

It was a room with about 10 coffins and about 30 of us entered and the door behind us slammed shut. It was pitch black except for the head part of the coffin where there was a digital screen showing the head of the corpse in each one of them.

Creepy indeed. Someone actually came out of the coffin and scared one of us inside the room.
Anyway, together in the room with us was a SUPER HOT zombie. 
So he briefed us about what we're going to expect and the rules and regs of the whole event like absolutely NO PICTURES ALLOWED WHATSOEVER. If not they would just grab your camera. (In my head: who caressss. but my perception changed when I entered the scary place) You'll find out why below.

So afterwards, one of the coffins opened and we had to walk through that to go to another big indoor compound sorta thing. There were already lots of people inside.

Anyway.. Yi Lin and I were so curious we just checked the whole place out. 
Looked really well designed and creepy. Like some vampire's nest. sorry no pics of that area because NO PICS ALLOWED. Tried using my phone but it was TOO DARK.

So here comes the funny part!

As usual Miss-have-to-pee-all-day-errday aka Tan Yi Lin, had to use the loo.. So I followed her obviously and waited for her. When she came out she was washing her hands and I stood beside her. When she looked UP INTO THE MIRROR, SHE STARTED SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS. HAHAHA And I started shouting too! LOLOL. 
Apparently the mirror has a motion sensor thingy that when you're using the tap in front of it, this CREEPY DEVILISH FACE comes out in the mirror. creative no!?

So that was #1 yi lin-traumatised moment. (there are many more to come) lol.

SO after that we were supposed to queue for our ghost ride which would lead us to our dining hall.
Each ride could fit only 2 people. So yeah, these two chickens got on the ride and basically yours truly (the most chicken of all) closed my ears and eyes all the way. I didn't see anything I just shouted like an idiot and we both just basically hid under the seat throughout the ride. HAHA soooo stupid. You'll find out why later.


When we entered it was like A WHOLE NEW WORLDDDDD. (okay not like the Aladdin-jasmine kind.. lol more like hell kind) 
All the waiters and waitresses were SCARYYYYYY. They were like patients in the mental asylum (so you see now, why we were petrified to even take out our cams) They were shouting like cuckoo people from one end to another while the theater was being filled up.

(reminds me of one of the characters from the Darren Shan novel)
- I swear he doesn't look normal. He led us to our place. There were long tables situated in front of the stage.

So we sat down and appetizers were being served. 
This ULTRA CREEPY WAITER handed us two plates. And he literally SHOUTED AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS AT YI LIN. She didn't know what to do, whether to take the plates or not. He just screamed and screamed and screamed. I was terrified and I just stared. SORRY TYL! ahahaha I should have shouted back! anyway, the whole theater turned and looked at us! and everyone laughed omg! finally Yi Lin took the plates and he left.

#2 Yi Lin-traumatised moment. LOLOLLLL.

Later, our waitress came to our long table and started blabbering and acted all psycho.
 (she wore a mask with blood stained on it) She looked really eccentric btw. And she started asking everyone what they wanted to order (drinks) and Yi Lin and I didn't want to drink alcohol so Yi Lin asked for WATER. AND SHE SHOUTED AT HER AND SAID NO! HAHAHA. poor yi lin.

#3 Yi Lin-traumatised moment.

Later another waitress came and asked what we wanted for our mains and she was the SWEETESTTTT ZOMBIE EVERRRR. she talked so sweetly and got us a jug of water!! how sweeeettttt! after that we CURSED our table psycho nutjob waitress. hahaha!

So thats part of Dracula's mansion on the outside.

hahaha. Our mains and some stuff on the table.
Their drinks were all really really cool! 

Came in blood bags, syringes, huge cylindrical glasses with bubbles and mist. 
Looked like potions seriously. 
Skull glasses that change colour and all. seriously super creative!

So the show started. But before that, the hot zombie outside was also the drummer. 

Anyway the show was SUPER DUPER DUPER AWESOME.
 I don't know how to describe it!
There was humour, dancing, singing and everything!!!
The stand up comedy was also so good! the stage setting was super damn amazing and the lighting was WOAHHHHHH. hahahaha. 
(sorry I'm really bad at describing this thing but yeah just know that it was a really high budget thing judging from all the costumes stage set up, performers and all)

The burlesque girls were super damn hot! wootssss!
One part of the performance, confetti from above fell all over the theater! It was sooooo pretty!!!!


So after some performances, it was time for another part of the event.

so freaking funnnnnyyy!!
some had no reaction despite being scared!
some were carrying drinks and spilled them all when they were scared! (it was pitch black)

when it came to mine and tyl's turn, the whole theater LAUGHED hahahaha. ahhh embarrassing!!! But it was really freaking entertaining seeing everyone's funny reaction!

CREATIVE much!! woohoo thumbs up!

Then the show continued with some really entertaining performances, stand up comedy and all.
Dessert was served! 
CUTE NOOOOO???! AND REALLY YUMMY TOO! I finished like the whole entire coffin. teehee!
Towards the end of the show, one of the performers just came up to both of us (trust me I was scared) LOL. and he was like: hello girls! lets take a selfie shall we. AWWWW. love love love!
I guess we got the selfie-kind-of-girls face. LOL. It's not exactly a good thing I know. 

HAHA but wtv!

Sooo.. the event ended and we walked out to another room where they sold merchandises and all.
And we took pics with the crew! and please spot
MR HOTTIE aka the drummer. Woooo! Droolssss. He's so talllll ahhh. I feel so small beside him. 
TYL! you get Mr Chinese zombie. HEHEHE. 

Another pic! ahaha. Sorry couldn't get enough! LOLOL.

Conclusion of the DRACULAS EVENT:

Officially the best night event of my entire life.

 I've never experienced such a thing before. It was crazyyyyyy entertaining beyond words! please do try it if you have the chanceeee! I think there's one in Melbourne too besides Gold Coast!
 google it okay!

rating: 9.5/10


Alex the lion!!! I know I look like a kid. LOL. 
Sorry but kid mode ON when I'm in themeparks. haha.

As you can see.. we really HAD A BLAST.
 Just went cuckoo all the way!
So we took the ride on the top left too. 

So basically that huge thing turns and the round thing where you sit turns too! IMAGINE THAT. AHHHH. SCREAMS ALL THE WAY!

Crazy girls having a crazy ass time!

So we spent about half the day in dreamworld.. TO LATER REALISE....


LIKE WHATTTTTT?? ikr!!! DUMBOSSSS MUCH! So we had to rush back like some idiots and didn't get to do EVERYTHING in dreamworld! how sad! but it was worth it in the end..

There was a major drama between me, tyl and the manager. He wanted to give us a penalty and all. So woman power OUT! lolol.. Sorry but girls kinda have an advantage.. 

LOL and it was proven that day. I talked to him and gave him our oh- so- sob- sob story and a little pretty please eye battering moments and boom! he just told us to leave! HAHAHA when he said that me and tyl were so stunned that there was a moment of silence. like literally! we both just stared at each other with disbelief because earlier he was SUPER SURE OF HIS DECISION!

So we said thanks a million, grabed our bags, didn't say A SINGLE WORD AND STORMED OUT. and we literally ran! and stopped and laughed our asses off. It was crazy hilarioussss. A crazy experience indeed.

We headed to surfers paradise afterwards!
And the conning continues!
We went to HILTON and left our luggages there (pretending that we lived there) LOL. That was another crazy attempt! We analyzed like every single thing before we gave them our luggages coz they needed your room number and all that!
Somehow being the best actresses in the world, we managed and.. off we went to explore surfers paradise while our bags were safe!

. Sorry don't judge us! its us girls having a crazy time! :)) no regrets!

One of the happiest moments. We just talked and laughed and laughed about random stuff. Bff forever seriously. :)
Candid shot by TYL. :)
One of my favourite candid laughing pics of us.

So after the beach, 
we explored the entire place and found the BUILD-A-BEAR workshop.
I've always wanted to do it after hearing about it when my cousin's bf got it for her in sgpore.

For those who don't know, basically the name kinda tells you everything.
LOL. Its like a
mini factory to make your bear!


1. Choose your skin. (There are sooooo many skins available, of different colored bears and all, but me and tyl chose the one I'm holding above on the left)
2. Choose a heart on the right!
3. Go to the cotton machine. and pass the heart to the lady.

So this is the best part:
-She told us each to hold our hearts in our palms and instructed us carefully.
-place it in between your palms
-rub it to give it warmth
-rub it on your cheeks so your bear will always make you smile
-and then on your eyes for... reason (i forgot)
-rub it on your back so it will always have your back
- then pat it to give it a heartbeat
-and finally kiss it so you will always be loved.

Seriously when she said all that I swear I teared.
 (I'm not a cry baby but the way she said it in her sweet voice and all, and me doing the bear with the bff was just so touching!!!) lolll. 
I'm a softy when it comes to sweet stuff! lolol.

So.. we passed our respective hearts to her and my heart was supposed to go into TYL's bear and vice versa.

We stuffed it with cotton while we stepped on the paddle.
 and finally our bears were stuffed! and sewn too! :)

4. Then we went to the dressing station and chose clothes for our bears!
There were SOO MANY ACCESSORIES and clothes, its like choosing for your own kid. LOL.
Finally we just chose a cute smiley tshirt! So that we would always smile looking at out bears. HAHAHA. (sorry but we were really sentimental that time)

5. Finally, we had to register our bears on the computer as you can see above.. and printed their birthcerts!
There's a code which is also sewn into the bear that only YOUR BEAR has. So if its lost and returned, you can somehow manage to get it back.

So we both named each other's bears

And then boxed them up and we exchanged bears!

:) it was a really touching BFF MOMENT INDEED! lololllll. CLICHE I KNOWWWW. ahahaha!
There's HOPE and FAITH. I have Hope beside me now here in India. :) And Faith is in Ausy!

And that was the end of our mini adventure in GC. Now back to Sydney!
We went for brunch!!
Clockwise from top left:
CINNAMON CRONUT! (for those who don't know what a cronut is, its a mashup between a croissant and a donut! slurps indeed!), Yi Lin's coffee, some slurps burger with pork bacon, and the last one is called the ELVIS BURGER. (it's their signature because the bun is made of the cronuts dough and the fries (SUPER CRAZY GOOD)  AND ketchup was made by them! 

Us outside the cafe. :)

Afterwards, we headed to this super famous bakery. It's called Black Star Pastry where they serve their signature strawberry watermelon cake with rose scented cream. It was HEAVENLY. So light.. so delicious and so PRETTY!
Rating: 4/5

We headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens after that. Just walked around. Like for almost 2 hours. It was huge! and took pics. I was pretty sick that time (sudden atopy attack) and was a little tired. :(

St Mary's cathedral.

Last but not least, We went for the famous liquid nitrogen ice cream N2! (I know Malaysia has that too, but NO WHERE near this one!!)
This flavour (they change every week) is a major killer!

Ferrero Reveal liquid nitrogen gelato. 
Nutella and hazelnut gelato made with a rice bubble choc top, complete with a wafer and warm chocolate ganache-filled syringe!

Trust me, it sounds as good as it taste! :p

AND... That concludes my AWESOME TRIP. Actually there's an experience in the trip that I'm gonna blog about separately. STAY TUNED for that one! Would be up soon! :)

I'd like to say THANKS A ZILLION to the bff for hosting me, chia-ing me all the time, and of course to all those laughter and memories that will be etched in my mind FOREVER.

Thanks for all that and more.

Till the end of time,