Sunday, May 31, 2015




Am I cray cray or what!

But it seriously brings me way way back! All the memories oh my gosh.

I literally feel like an old hag right now.
I looked so DAMN YOUNG! AND LALA ANDDD WTH WAS I EVEN THINKING, wearing flowers and all on my head thinking it made me look so damn hot. HAHAHAHA. 
Yes I feel you. In fact i'm laughing WITH you.

But I truly am thankful for this blog. Really. 

Just wished I had more pics of my school times rather than college.

Like wth? Navenia Nishel, the head prefect and Tan Yi Lin the assistant. HAHAHAHA. Saw the pic in my old post. I seriously can still remember the headmistress summoning us to her chamber and  told us the spot is gonna be only for either one of us. We're going to have to compete and be under surveillance. LIKE WHATTTT. Imagine the pressure of being bffs and to have to compete for the ultra lame head prefect position. ( which was what felt like running for the USA presidency at that jiffy) LOLLL. 

Oh well, at least we have something to laugh about now. haha.


I miss leading the 23rd Ranger Unit. The best guiding unit in the whole of MALAYSIAAA thanks to all the cool and sporting members. Self proclaimed. HAHAHA. Helloooo we were damn awesome. I want my old picturesssss. :( and yours truly was the best commander okayyy. Against RC, brigade bla blaaa. HAAHAHAHA. Let's laugh. I find it hilarious too. The amount of time invested in everything in school was awesome. Those times representing Penang for Public Speaking (yes I did that throughout school. When now I feel like a chicken talking in front of a crowd. Like where did my guts go!!??)
Not mentioning, president of the Science club, tourism club and I was also in choir!

ANNDDDD had to compete with ms tan yi lin and wwp in studies to secure the 1st position in the whole form like every year. HAHAHA. omg those lame kia su moments. I would literally be pissed and give silent treatments to le bff if she beat me by a single mark. LOLLLL. (I'm so gonna include this during my maid of honour speech during her wedding day. HEHE!)

Where did all my kia su-ness disappear to!! I seriously need some back to drive me to study now!!

And I honestly miss being so active in everything but I was just too tired to carry that to college and uni.

School was literally the best time of my life. Yeps it was tiring and all but along the way, I met people that I honestly wouldn't be able to live without.

So I thank god for that, all the experiences and memories! :) Made me the Navenia Nishel I am today.

LOL okay its 5am. Why am I even blogging about this!!? HAHAHA. 

Just done talking to le bff in Sydney about 5 minutes ago. She's doing great as of now! super proud of her. :) 

-Just updating, because right now I kinda realise how significant my old posts were. :))

I might be reading this 5 years down the road and remembering this exact night in my crib, in the dark, while my roomies are asleep, enjoying this quiet me time with no worries, just a clear mind. Just feeling.


 Signing out. Nites bloggie.