Friday, August 28, 2015

More than Words.

‘..what kinda guy would I be, if I were to walk out when she needed me most?’

"I love you with all my heart. You’re the love of my life. How will I live without you?" 


Used to express ones feelings but how many of you actually mean what you say? 
Do you actually think you honestly cannot live without the other?
 Words can be so powerful when you vocalize them but when one actually walks their talk, that’s honestly the most respectable, virtuous and honourable gesture that you can ever receive. 
Those beings, the ones that kept their promises from day one, the ones that stuck with you, raised you up when you needed them most, when you’re at the  lowest you’ve ever been, those humans, those names playing in your heads as you’re reading this at this jiffy (if any), those living souls darling, they’re keepers right there.

 Never ever EVER let them go.

Hello world! 

I know it’s been awhile. How have you guys been doing? 
Better be great coz’ life’s too short to be otherwise. Hahaha. 
And here comes philosopher Nishel, world’s most inconsistent blogger. LOL. 

So.. before you read the rest of my post, please watch the video above.  
I’m sure some of you know who Chris Medina is, with his super touching single “What Are Words” dedicated to his fiancé. 

Alright, for those who don’t, I first heard about Chris’ story in 2011 when he auditioned for American Idol. His story got me so intrigued that I spent hours reading about it on the internet right after. I’ve watched his audition for the billionth time and each and every time, I’d tear up. It’s honestly one of the most raw and touching realities I’ve heard of. 

So, summary:

Chris and Juliana Ramos got engaged and was about to tie the knot when Juliana got into a severe accident 2 months before that in which she suffered a traumatic brain injury that left her comatose. She eventually woke up, but was in a bad paralysed state. Chris, being her fiancé never left her side, he kept his promise. 

These words really touched my heart: 

‘I was about to make vows just 2 months from the accident.. Through thick and thin, till death do us part, in sickness and health, for better or worse.. what kinda guy would I be, if I were to walk out when she needed me most.’ 

 To say those words is undeniably easy. To live by them?
 –Not so much. 
But Chris however, stayed by Juliana through her worst moments, until she got better. However, I found out today that they’re no longer together

All in all, I still respect him for being a man and sticking to his words as long as he possibly could. 
You know, when she needed him the most.
 He was there. 

Their story really got me as I personally don’t believe in happy ever afters and that true genuine men exist in this gruesome world. 
A world where adultery has its own website. 
There’s a freaking website, called “Ashley Madison” that encourages adultery. 
That’s not even the best part. Know what’s their tagline?
Yup you read that right. I’m not even going to go there. I’ll just leave it at that. 

Earth. World. People. Screwed. Up. Period.

Back to the topic! So, my take on it all is that people usually utter words that they don’t  mean. Or at least realise the impact and meaning of those words.

For example, you don’t say ‘I love you’ to a girl and the next moment you’re cheating on her. 
You don’t promise someone that you’re going try your best to make things work when the next thing you know words like ‘I don’t know what I want or I need to find myself’ seemed like the easiest sentence they’ve ever said in their childish lives.
You don’t say things like 'you’re my soulmate, my best friend, my everything' and the next moment you’re saying the exact same lines to another.

Because you don’t lie to your best friend. 
You don’t hurt your soulmate. 
And you most definitely do not destroy your everything. 

Because then you’re left with nothing. 
And that’s exactly what you’ll end up having if you don’t start walking your talk. 

And that’s why darlings, think before you act. 
Think before you say anything. 
And most importantly THINK before deliberately making someone fall 
truly, madly and deeply 
in love with you.

Until and unless you’re willing to commit and give it your all, even through the hardest times, don’t say anything. 

Stay single. 
Flirt with the world. 
Go dance naked on table tops. 
Pole dance and do whatever you think is right for your soul.
Have one night stands and get infected by STDs those of which bacterial strains aren’t even medically discovered yet.
Do all that and more if you please because then, you don’t hurt anyone. 

-You don’t hurt that girl who’s waiting for your text all day. 
-You don’t hurt the girl who’s willing to do anything to make you happy.
-You don’t hurt the girl who discovered she’s sick and to go through all that alone just because you didn’t know if you could handle it. 
-You don’t hurt the girl who broke down walls to let you in. 
-The girl who believed in you. 
-The girl who was willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. 
The nice ones. The loyal ones. 

I mean how often do you come across a significant other who’s like that?
 – NOT OFTEN. (I just answered for you) LOL. 
Okay sorry, kinda going off point now. 
Basically, all I’m trying to say is that men should live up to their words.
 Or not say them at all.
 Act more. Talk less. Love more. Hurt less. 

Don’t wait until its too late to realise what you’ve lost because of not living up to those words. 
Because great things don’t happen often, just like you don’t meet the same great person twice. 

Why do we need a test, a tragedy to realise how much you love or care for a person.
 Or how much you could have done if everything was normal or when everything was okay? Guess its human nature.
 Something bad to realise all the good you have.
 Or something bad to teach you to be better in the future. 
Why? Why not be better NOW?  We all know the concept of karma. 
It’s like we need to experience karma to actually know how true it actually is. 
Well my dear readers, it is damn right true. What goes around really does come around. 

So I urge you readers to be kind, stay true to yourself, mean those words you say, and ultimately to all, never forget to love yourself most.
 And to realise anyone who does not mean what they say, anyone who treats you less than what you deserve,
 its time to alt-ctrl-delete, bid sayonara 
and oh yeah.. don’t forget to be polite and say thank you for adding some bumpy turmoils into your book of life experiences. 

Because sometimes you need to experience the worst,
 kiss some toads along the way before you appreciate the best and hopefully meet Charming
For those who haven’t met anyone near Charming yet, 
patience is a virtue.
 Reckon that he’s on his white stallion, scavenging the lands and slaying dragons to meet his princess. 
…or he’s probably stuck on a tree. 
Hehehe. Kidding!

A little birdy once told me, 
there’s someone for everyone.

 And I truly believe that. 
 He’s out there. 
Just remember to never settle for anything less than you deserve! 
Because you deserve the world.
 Remember that! 
Know your self worth, and girl just know that you’re even more expensive than the most expensive, most perfectly cut diamond in the universe. 

To someone dear to me, don’t be sad because you’re lonely. 
You’re never alone. 
You know why? 
Because you have the one thing nobody else can truly have. 
You have Y.O.U.

And that’s more than enough. 

Not trying to sound conceited, but I’ve been there. Sad though it took me the worst experience in my life to realise that all I needed was myself and once you realise that, nothing and I mean NOTHING can stand in your way of greatness.

As for my happy ending..
I’m just going to erase and cut out the ending
 and live with the happy
 right here, right now.
 Why anticipate the ending
 when there’s such a beautiful beginning to embrace and wallow in. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, is if things don’t go the way you planned right now, 
don’t fret, don’t cry.
 Instead, embrace and remember every bit of it because one fine day, you’re going to look back at that day you balled your eyes out and realise how far you’ve come and how strong a person you actually are. 

It’s the most rewarding feeling when you realise
you don’t NEED anyone to be happy.
Its like conquering the world. 
When you realise that, when you discover what you’re capable of, 
what you deserve, when you’re ready and when your kind of perfect happens to walk into your life,
 it’s the most gratifying feeling. 

In scientific terms, your significant other shouldn’t be a substrate to your chemical reaction. Without which no products would form. 
He/she should just be the catalyst. 

You and ONLY YOU (substrate) + loving yourself (substrate) = HAPPINESS (product)

CATALYST is a substance that speeds up the ROR, so think of your partner as a catalyst that enhances the happiness that’s already there because all you need is YOU to be happy. 
He just makes everything perfect.


Did I just confuse you with my EINSTEIN equation? EHHEHEHE.
 Cmon’ you’ve got to agree with me on this one! At least a part of it. Gosh I sound geeky. 

*removes nerdy glasses and acts all fabuloso* 

hahaha kidding! 

-You’re perfect the way you are! 
Takes the right person to see it! 


-As for me, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.
 Thankful for the lessons, grateful for the present, hopeful for the future. 

signing out. Lotsa love! 


LISTEN IF YOU HAVEN'T! One of the most touching songs ever written! 

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